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Come and join us at the Gloucestershire Business Show

22-May-2019 8:37
in General
by Peter McNeile

Andoversford Races is part of the two day Gloucestershire Business Show at Cheltenham Town Hall from May 21-22, demonstrating its place in the county's business community. 

The popular one day fixture, scheduled for Sunday April 5th 2020, is the only sporting event represented, amidst a set of professional service providers, marketers and business networking organizations. 

Area Secretaries Nicky Sheppard and Samantha Luton-Hughes joined Andoversford Races' Peter McNeile to demonstrate race-riding on a mechanical horse loaned from Racing to School, and extolled the benefits of associating a business with Point-to-Point racing, including client entertainment, CSR, staff rewards and lead generation through face to face customer engagement. 

"There's been a great deal of interest in Andoversford, among other Pointing fixtures in the county,"reported Peter. "Racing has a strong presence in the county, courtesy of Cheltenham and the other 6 racecourses within the county boundary. We've enjoyed explaining how racing can help develop brand association and support client engagement within this busy event."

There is also a chance to win racing tickets worth over £350 for next winter on the stand. 

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4m SE Cheltenham, nr junction of A40 and A436 (Exit 11A, M5)


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